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Welcome to the International Association of Visual Creators!

Who We Are:

We are a unique community bringing together talented florists, photographers, artists, video advertising specialists, art directors, social media content creators (Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, etc.), sculptors, and fashion designers. Together, we create exciting and inspiring artificial worlds.

Membership Benefits:

Connect with fellow creators from around the world, collaborate on new projects, and share experiences.
Exclusive Discounts
Enjoy advantageous offers from leading brands on professional equipment, software, workshops, and events.
Education and Development
Participate in our educational programs, workshops, and seminars to expand your knowledge and skills.
Exclusive Events
Take part in exclusive events where you can present your creative ideas and gain industry attention.
Support and Recognition
Receive community support and public recognition for your creative achievements.
Contests and Public Recognition Opportunities
Participate in our creative contests to showcase your potential, receive expert evaluation, and gain opportunities for public recognition. By joining our community, you discover unique opportunities to stand out in the industry and receive support from colleagues and professionals.
Ready to soar with us?

Join the International Association of Visual Creators, where your talent finds space for growth and inspiration. Create, connect, and thrive with us!


Join the Epochal Visual Arts Contests!

Welcome to the thrilling world of contests at the International Association of Visual Creators! Here, your talent finds limitless opportunities for expression and recognition. Join our community and soar to new heights alongside the best creators from around the globe.

What We Offer:

Regular Thematic Contests: Participate in our captivating contests dedicated to various aspects of visual arts. Express your vision and compete with creators who share your passion.

Exclusive Prizes and Opportunities: 

Win and gain access to unique prizes, including exhibitions, publications, and participation in exclusive projects. It's your chance to shine before the global community.

Exposure of Your Artistry:

Your art will be highlighted in our online galleries, giving you well-deserved attention from the audience and fellow creators.

How to Participate:


Join the International Association of Visual Creators to become a participant in our contests.

Choose a Contest:

Explore our current themes and select a contest that matches your creative inspiration.

Prepare Your Work:

Express your uniqueness and style in the work you create.

Submit Your Work:

Simply upload your work through our convenient interface.

Anticipate the Results:

Look forward to the announcement of winners and the opportunity to share your talent with the world!

Take on the challenge and give your content a chance to shine in the world of visual arts.
Participate in the Content Creators Contest of the International Association of Visual Creators and unleash your creative fantasies!
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